What is a chapbook?

n. a small paperback booklet, typically containing poems or fiction.

How much does it cost?

Chapbooks with a 35-page count or less are $6/book. Books exceding that page count are $9-$10 a book (because of the more involved binding method). Since we are a young press and are inventing the wheel, prices may fluctuate. We can discuss the overall cost on a case-by-case basis.

Email us with inquiries @ tiltedhousepublishing@gmail.com

What if I don’t have enough money?

As long as we don’t lose money, TH will work with you (reasonably) to ensure your work becomes tangible. Please don’t exploit this generosity. 

How long until I receive my books?

After all the logistics are figured out, you should expect your books within 1-2 weeks. This all depends on how many orders are in the queue and whether or not we’re traveling outside of New Orleans.

What is TH responsible for?

Think of TH as a self-publishing company — only much smaller and with a soul. TH takes care of the aesthetics and tangibility of your work. We’re your book’s interior designer, typesetter, binder, and cover artist (the latter we can collaborate on — we know the feeling of wanting control over your own cover).

What am I, the artist, responsible for?

You’re responsible for making sure your work is prepared and complete. That means everything you submit has been edited and proofread (by more than one person). Line breaks (for poetry), content, grammar — all that is your responsibility. Typos or mistakes found in the final product are on you!

We encourage sending your work to a number of friends (preferably those with writing experience) to gain an honest perspective and to catch any typos, mistakes, or questionable content.

You’re also responsible for distribution.

What doesn’t TH do?

At this time, TH does not produce books with color interiors, interior illustrations, or hardcovers.*

We don’t distribute the final product. 

I want to start NOW! How do I proceed?

Fill out this form.



What does TH use to print?

Currently, we use a digital laser printer. Covers are printed in the same way; but, as we grow, there is the possibility of using a letterpress, block printing, or screen printing to produce cover art.

How many copies can I have made?

As few as 15 or as many as 100 books in your first order.*

What is the minimum/maximum number of pages my book can have?

Excluding shoulder pages (title, dedication, acknowledgments, etc.), a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 85.*

In what sizes do your books come?

8.5 x 5.5

May I design my own cover?

Yes. Since we are a young press, we ask for your patience in figuring out the best ways to do this.

Can you produce color covers?

Yes. But they will cost extra. (We have to use a friend’s printer and ink.)

What do your covers look like?

Typically they’re simple, black and white (or hand-colored with marker) with the Title, Author, etc. printed in an attractive typeface. Images are possible. Check our photos for examples.

Will you offer more elaborate cover options later on?

Absolutely. We just want to get our feet wet first.

Can you produce color interiors?

No, not at this time.*

What kind of paper do you use?

We accumulate paper of all kinds, so it depends on what we have on hand when you place your order. Currently, we are using a beautiful German-made paper called Hahnemuhle Ingres for our covers, and a soft-white Mohawk Superfine-like paper for the interior.

What kind of binding do you use?

We use the trusted saddle-stitch for smaller chapbooks. Books with more pages are bound with thread, too, but then are glued to the covers.


Do I pay for postage?

Yes, you pay for your books to travel to your door.

After I sell my first batch, can I order more?

Of course!

Does Tilted House distribute my books for me?

No. After you receive your order, you’re responsible for distribution.

Who owns the rights to my work?

Your rights remain in your possession. TH merely produces your work in a tangible form.



Who owns/runs Tilted House?

TH is owned and operated by poet and writer, Cameron Lovejoy.

Where is Tilted House located?

New Orleans, LA.


* = This may change as Tilted House grows.

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